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با سلام و احترام 

به استحضار می رساند متقاضیان امریه سربازی دارای برگ اعزام با تاریخ 99/12/01 می توانند تا تاریخ 99/09/30 به سامانه امریه سربازی وزارت نیرو به آدرس amriyeh.moe.gov.ir مراجعه و در سامانه مذکور ثبت نام نمایید.

اعتبارات عمرانی سال 1399 شرکت آب و فاضلاب خراسان شمالی

اعتبارات بودجه سال 1399 

تاریخ بروزرسانی : 1399/12/12

پیام مدیرعامل

about company

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North khorasan water and waste water company founded after separation from big khorasan in order to supply and distribution of hygienic water and collection and cleaning of the waste water in the area of 10 cities and taking delivery of 7 new cities and now is serving to dear people in 17 cities in the state .

At the end of 1387 the company covered more than 395542 person witch equal 98/8 percent of city population of the sate with the installation more than 107982 water branch installation more than 24135 waste branch in bojnord and esfarayen and covering 101267 person witch equal 25/3 percent of city population are covered of collection and cleaning and hygienic of the waste water service the main aim of north khorasan water and waste water co is presentation the best level quality of service in open space f water carrier to the honorable people of the state .

obviously t obtain to this great goal witch hidden GOD and people satisfaction in addition that needs day and night honorable people's servants struggle in water and waste water company , it is necessary to familiarize and give exact in formation to the dear fellow provincial people

the cooperation equivalent to provides electronical services in order to do current task witch related to the  company easily and reduce un necessary traffic , trying to inform necessity information to the honorable fellow citizen on the subject of north khorasan water and waste water company , goals , activities , projects and etc .   

central staff building

 Central Staff building  of north khorasan water and waste water company .


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